18yr Girl Wins $287000 Playing Dominoes

BEVERLEY HILLS, California, September 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

After placing a simple $50 wager, a very lucky 18yr old student won just over $287,000 playing online dominoes via DominoesStars.com. Jennifer Parsin of Denver Colorado was first introduced to playing dominoes online via an ex-boyfriend, yet never believed the game would make her money.

In a recent interview, Ms. Parsin claims that playing dominoes helped her deal with the devastation of a recent break up from her boyfriend. “My ex-boyfriend Cory had just moved out and he took most of the furniture with him. I literally didn’t have money to pay rent, buy books or even pay my university admission fees.”

According to Jennifer, she started playing in the free online domino games section offered by DominoesStars.com to pass time and gather her thoughts – but really didn’t think it was possible to convert her online activity to cash in real time.

“Every day I’d sit for about 2 hours and just play dominoes. At first I thought players gamble against the Dominoes Star website – yet via the interactive chat option offered through the website, I learned from other game participants that the bets and wagers are directly between the players while the official website only stands in the middle as the ‘house’ to deal the digital domino bones and guarantee the winners payout.”

Using self-discipline and bankroll management, Jennifer quickly increased her earnings from $50 to $287,428 in just 14 days of participating in online tournaments hosted by DominoesStars.com.

Dominoes Stars is an official sponsor of the US Army domino tournaments and houses the largest online dominoes community in the world allowing local and international participants to play dominoes and win money online.

When asked what she plans to do with her new found wealth, Jennifer claims she’s going to use some of the money to buy new furniture, pay for college books and admission fees, and if her ex-boyfriend Cory will have her back, she promises to buy him a brand new Mercedes. “After all, Cory did originally introduce me to the dominoes website.”

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via DominoesStars.com

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Ummad Ramay September 7, 2011 at 9:57 am

wow she is really a lucky girl. . .

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