Sofa Sosia – Super Flexible Sofa Ever Made

Ideally, we want our sofa soft and comfortable. However, the Softness of Sofa Sosia is extremely different from what we used to call as a soft and comfy sofa. Unlike those sofas that has wooden or steel frames, Sosia Sofa designed by Italian designer Emanuele Magini to Campeggi has a very unique design.

Sosia Sofa can be converted exactly as you want and have two seats and the transformed to accommodate the various needs of different seating and scenarios. Does Sosia Sofa can be a trend for the end of the world May 21st ? Like 2 sofas that line, L-shaped couch, for a mini bed, even to be a dressing room. Material from this couch itself is very flexible, soft, and comfortable, so you can set it shapes easily. There are zippers to create a form. Simple and convenient, but unfortunately there are only a green color, we hope there will be other colors that can be customized with your home interior. Sosia Sofa, unique, simple, minimalist and truly fungsioanlis. Below are some pictures of “Sosia Sofa” which was designed by Emanuele Magini, hopefully can be an inspiration for your sofa at your dream house.

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hassan tahir August 15, 2011 at 11:11 am

i want this sofaa,

abdul moiz August 15, 2011 at 8:51 pm

i also want this sofa.. what is it cost ? and how can i buy ?

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