Men’s Packable Radler Trail Camp Shoes

If you’re planning to hit the trail on your travels you’re probably going to want to have a pair of Timberland’s Radler Trail Camp shoes on hand. The lightweight design is not only water repellent and durable, the shoe zips into itself for easy storage or you can attach it to your bag with a carabiner.

Made from waterproof, ripstop fabric and durable soles composed of 42% recycled rubber, the Radlers might not be ideal for extreme hiking situations given the lack of ankle support, but for light trail walking and life around camp they look pretty rugged. And when zipped shut they can be clipped to the outside of your bag. Personally I think it would be far more ideal if the shoes zipped into themselves the other way, containing the dirty soles so they could be easily thrown in a bag of clothing, but I can still appreciate their space-saving design.

And at $65 they’re not terribly expensive either. via

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