20 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fans

Facebook, a social networking website that has been founded on 4th of February, in the year 2004 founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a former Harvard student. In its beginnings, Facebook was intended only to students at Harvard University who in this way to communicate with each other and exchange information. Later, many other universities, high schools and large companies around the world join the network, has gained the attention of more than millions of users as one of the most popular online social networking website, a video-sharing and a photo-sharing platform with an option for instant updates to all of your friends about you. This also provides an opportunity to gain more number of people to turn their head towards you in your profession, be it from the mundane to the attractive media world. Some of the other features that you get are the announcements of news, announcements of new products, latest stories, events, contest, gossips and much more.


Facebook pages are one of the best online ways to promote your service or product, believe it has grown tremendously in the recent past. If there is one thing that you can do to make yourself popular for your profession or to barge amongst your friends and then follow the 20 different ways listed below, and there are many chances that you will soon a large amount number of Facebook Fans.

1. Introduce Your Facebook Page in Your Blogs:
If you have been blogging or working on your websites then add widgets that will connect to the Facebook page. This will aid in knowing how far your clients and customers like to integrate the box in your website or blog with option to choose the opt-in for the Fan page on the Facebook. This is one way of promoting news and updates on your products, in addition to blogging, while is also the best way to let people know what is happening in your company.

2. Increase Activity Corner on Your Facebook Fan Page:
The most excellent way to get your fan page come up into various profiles of users of Facebook and be noticed for inviting more people is by keeping your Fan page active. Some of the things that you can do is by asking questions, providing high quality and regular updates on your products, ask questions, initiate discussions and encourage people to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ your updates. This will also permit you to add and attract nearly 100 and more fans in a day. This has been one of the best ways to get most number of Fans and is “the recommended way by Facebook”.

3. Suggest to Friends:
When you decide upon creating a Fan page in Facebook, the best way is first to suggest to your friends, most of whom will not have a heart to say a “no” as they will be requiring you to say “yes” one day to them. By suggesting to your friends, some of your good pals might be good enough to spread the word around to their circle of other friends, which in turn, is going to bring in more number of Fans to your Facebook Fan Page.

4. Advertise on Facebook Ads:
If you are thinking of promoting your products, the best option is to advertise on Facebook about your products, and make the links taking either to your website or to your blog that uses Facebook Social Plug in. The creation of Fan Page is the best way to see how many people trust your “brand name”. This is one of the most great ways to know more of your product value for a price to advertise in Facebook, that you will also let you to get to know how good your marketing strategy is working with an option for suggestions and opinions.

5. Add to Personal Profile:
You should be able to add to your personal profile in Facebook the fan page. This will create a buzz when each time a friend visits your Facebook profile.

6. Post A Link On Facebook Wall:
This will help you to post a link to the profile wall every time you post something. This is a very simple process of adding your Fan page link using @ Tag. It is a very simple thing to do process, “@fanpage_username” and with time, you will find the fan page in the drop down menu.

7. Add to Your Email Signature:
Use your email signature as one of the main mode for communication to send across the information with regard to promoting your fan page on Facebook. Include the Facebook username, which will appear like http://www.facebook.com/Your_Fanpage_Username, in the bottom of your email signature. Thus, every time this will reach your clients and customers and to their clients and customers. You are sure to get some level of promotion via this method with no efforts and with every official e-mail that you send.

8. Share:
Yet another way to share the Fan page is by using the Share button option, which appears on the left hand menu, and you can “Share” the button with your friends in your personal profile.

9. Link to Twitter:
Tweet the Fan Page to your Twitter account and you will find that the content of the Fan page of the Facebook will be posted into your Twitter content, and will be formatted as per the requirement of the Twitter account.

10. Add to Skype:
Well, if you love Skype, then you have the option of including your fan page link to the profile page of your Skype account. May be this will not help a lot, but definitely handy.

11. Have Your Own Badge:
Create a unique badge for your page and add it in your blog/website. This can be easily done by using apps like extended info or Profile HTML.

12. Optimize Your Fan pages:
There is something that you can do to optimize your fan pages once you are done with it, do not decorate the Fan page with unnecessary links and highly graphic containing pages, which will take huge amount of time to load the page. Keep it simple, and you will have more number of fans worldwide.

13. Polls to Vote:
Who will not love to know what the trend in the society is? Some will like to go by the majority, while a few will like to be different. However, you should know what the majority of the society is thinking and creating online polls like this is the best way to increase the number of fans to visit your Fan page in Facebook and will encourage many visitors of Facebook to have a second look.

14. Bribe for Freebies:
If you are promoting your product and would like to show off more sales, the best strategy for using the Facebook fan page is by bribing the visitors of these pages with some freebies by opting-into some programmes that will ultimately be giving them some kind of attractive offers.

15. Pictures Speaks More Than Text:
Pictures, pictures, and pictures…. they really speak well. Photos might generate a second look, for your Fan page, as this has proven to be a very successful strategy. Use this in your welcome page but see to that the photos are optimized.

16. Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers:
One best way to promote your Fan page in Facebook is by sending invitation to various contact details for subscribing via email invitations with logo or badge that will be something creative and attractive. This, in turn, will tempt you to leave a message or click on something to get you automatically subscribed as a fan in the Facebook Fan page.

17. Use Applications:
A number of Facebook applications like Vpype, FanAppz and many others will invite and advertises more intensively for marketing your Fan page in Facebook for you, your products and your cause.

18. User Feeds Are Much Better:
Integrate your Facebook Fan page with user feeds as this will help the feed subscribers will be becoming your Fan in the Fan page of the Facebook.

19. Use the Point #7 in other Fan Pages:
Bit confused about the heading? It is simple, make use of the ‘@’ feature in other pages as well. When you converse or comment on other fan pages, use ‘@’”your fan page name” and then leave a comment.

20. Welcome Videos:
If you are having a product to promote then this would be a superior way to make a new visitor stay and become a fan. Create an attractive video about your product and place it in the welcome page of your fan page.

Never ever use any Facebook Fans adding software which is really a waste of time and money. You will only get thousands of bots, which is really nothing.

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